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Practical Psychology for Busy People
Jerry Hiller, Psy.D. & Marilynn Rochon

Repair My House, "mind, body, and soul skills for the journey", offers practical and positive psychology for everyday problems. We look at the life-long patterns that interfere with coping, balancing, and "bearing fruit" in our very stressful lives. Over 27,000 have attended these lunchtime programs now beginning our 17th year.

Current Series:
(Inner Serenity and Outer Cooperation)
Anger, Resentment, and Relationships

Wednesdays, 12:10pm - 12:55pm
Auditorium of St. Peter's Church
110 West Madison Street
Chicago, Illinois 60602

$5 donation to St.Peter'
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Current Talks Series: Anger, Resentment, and Relationships PART II:

Even though we have anger and resentment towards others, we also have anger and resentment towards ourselves, in what we do and fail to do. Self-acceptance can help the situation. Self-acceptance means respecting your self in spite of mistakes, limitations, setbacks, and bad habits. You learn how to understand yourself in a more useful way, and influence your thinking, feeling, and acting. Reduce your present anger and resentment toward yourself so it doesn't "spill over" into other relationships.

Past Talks Series: Anger, Resentment, and Relationships - PART I

It's all about relationships! How we handle anger and resentment in our relationships affect how we cope, balance, and bear fruit, or languish, and feed anxiety, depression, and bad habits/addictions. What choices do you want to make?

Past Talks Series: Mastering Anger and Resentment

The same call that Francis of Assisi heard from God in 1205, summons us today more than ever: "Francis, go and repair my house , for as you can see, it is in ruins." Anger and resentment make our stressful lives even more burdensome. Increasing inner serenity, and outer cooperation with others make us the instruments of peace we long to see in the world. Mastering anger and resentment is a first step.

Past Talks Series: Part II: Negativity & Change

Past Talks Series: Part I: Negativity & Change

Past Talks Series: Obstacles to Work & Family Balance

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